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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Community and family are two words that are synonymous with Italian hospitality. When creating an Italian restaurant concept, the surrounding neighborhood has to be just as important as the delicious food recipes. Meatballs, Etc. is so focused on supporting their surrounding neighborhoods and the families that live there that they have built these values directly into their mission statement. “The Meatball is a little Sphere Of Love that has the power to bring families together with the warmth that only true Italian Food can have!”

Meatballs, Etc. is dedicated to giving back and has come up with multiple ways of doing so! Through fundraisers, community outreach, team sponsorships and Meatball Nights there are opportunities for everyone in the neighborhood to be supported by the Meatballs family.  
Some of the ways to be supported by Meatballs, Etc. are mapped out here:

Sponsorships, Fundraisers & Auctions
•We accept requests for certain specific donations and sponsorships. Meatballs, Etc. offers fundraising opportunities, catering for events and donations to specific community events.
•Order menu items at special fundraiser prices. Re-sell at a price you choose and you keep the difference!
•Priority to youth activities, schools & non-profit organizations
Meatball Nights
•Work together with Meatballs, Etc. & earn a 15% reward on your groups spending while dining at Meatballs on your chosen night!
•Meatballs will MATCH your organization donation with gift cards that can be used for raffles, baskets, auctions and whatever other great ideas you may have!
•You pick the date and we will work with you to raise some dough!
•An electronic flyer can be designed to support your event for promotion and marketing purposes.
Good Grades Program
•Meatballs, Etc. loves to work with the local schools to reward students who are excelling in their schoolwork!
•Good grades are rewarded with Meatballs, Etc. food as an incentive for those who go above and beyond!
•In some cases we also offer a good attendance program, which rewards students for showing up consistently to school.
Through these programs founded by Meatballs, Etc., it is easy to see that the Meatballs, Etc. team is extremely passionate about supporting its local community! Giving back to the neighborhood is important to every member of the Meatballs family. If you’re looking to partner with Meatballs, Etc. for your organization, go to today for more information and to fill out a Donation Request Form.
If you are interested in franchise opportunities to join the Meatballs family go to and request your Franchise kit today! Bring the incredible Italian hospitality to your neighborhood and be a leader for the community through Meatballs, Etc.'s extensive support system!





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