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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fast casual restaurants have changed the way America eats. More and more people today are looking for quick, fresh, customizable dining options anywhere from downtown NYC to rural Alabama. Now is the time to take a winning concept and set it smack dab in the middle of everything. Restaurant trends such as customizable options and farm to table are among the most popular aspects for diners these days, but without the right amount of exposure and foot traffic there’s not much room to grow. Location is vital to the success of fast casual restaurants!

Key things that attract the most consumers today are fresh ingredients, affordable options, speed and convenience. Every restaurant joining the fast casual scene knows it has to compete with those in the market who are mastering all aspects of success. According to the Washington Post “America, it appears, is no longer a Fast Food Nation. It’s a Fast-Casual Nation.”
The first great components of fast casual are fresh ingredients, farm to table, accessible nutritional value and customization so the consumer can see exactly what they’re getting. People want better quality food and fast casual restaurants are prepped to offer just that. All of these aspects are important to a diner when choosing where to eat, but a prime location is truly your key factor.

A huge aspect that attracts not only millennial’s, but all diners to fast casual restaurants is affordability. Through customization, consumers can see exactly what each add-on costs and determine their total price before even reaching the cash register. An affordable restaurant is attractive for groups who want to dine out together on a budget. They can all tailor their dinner to each individual taste and avoid any awkwardness with the bill by paying separately. This system of ordering and immediately paying is the speed everyone is going crazy over. America is busy and a delicious, affordable, quick option is an increasingly attractive way to dine out.

None of these aspects could bring together a restaurant quite like location. Convenience is hugely important when deciding where to eat. No matter the amount of marketing and advertising a concept is invested in, without visibility, foot traffic and proximity to large anchor businesses it’s hard for people to know exactly where they want to dine. Accessibility is essential to business. Whether a concept is on a busy highway with a parking lot right out front, or on the side of Madison Avenue within walking distance of hundreds of offices it’s key to set up for success based on location. Since fast casual is so popular, locations required to operate a build-your-own restaurant are smaller in size and therefore much more competitive.

Meatballs, Etc. is a unique opportunity for those seeking a business venture in the fast casual restaurant space. Meatballs, Etc. is a concept that features everyone’s favorite staple, the Italian meatball and combines it with exceptional customer service, fresh ingredients and a customizable menu. With everything already prepped for a business owner, the last thing to choose is the perfect location and success is sure to follow.






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